steve winston


I spent 20 years as a senior marketing executive with sizeable public companies.

I hung out my own shingle in 2006. And, since then, I’ve helped other companies – mostly small and mid-sized – grow by telling their stories. Like many of you, I’ve learned what it’s like to lie awake at night, with a hundred details racing through your mind. I’ve learned what it’s like to sit up in bed at 3 a.m. with that sudden inspiration, and then to find yourself still at your computer when the sun rises. I’ve learned what it is to agonize over the smallest of details, and to constantly worry about ROI – “Is this expense worth it? Will it bring me business?”

And I’ve learned this, too: If your company has a story to tell…you’d better be telling it. And you’d better be telling it effectively. Because your competition is telling theirs!

When you call Winston Communications, you don’t get a receptionist. You get me. You don’t get a junior practitioner working on your account. You get me. And you can reach me on evenings and weekends (even when one of those sudden night-time inspirations hits you!).

“PR Week” – Top Twenty Marketing Communications Executives in America
Vice President, Gold Coast Public Relations Council
Board of Directors, Gold Coast Public Relations Council
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“South Florida” Magazine – “New Leaders for a New South Florida”
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Numerous “Addies” from the Florida Advertising Council
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